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‘Multiculturalism is Dead’ in Western Europe?

"Multiculturalism is not dead in Western Europe, he will continue to rise, people of different cultures continued to live in cities, what will happen is that the acceptance of these new cultures will not be easy, and in some cases can become confrontational and cause minor conflicts, like revolts.
Also do not think you can separate culture of multiculturalism, they are interconnected. Create a world culture accepted by all is impossible, in a world where every day there are more international organizations, and even the states themselves, which support the preservation of culture and traditions of the people as the main identity of their own. 
The various European leaders may say that multiculturalism has failed, but he is not dead, it is only necessary to change the policies in order to know better integrate people in Western societies. Liberalism and democracy can only exist if all have the same rights, if all are respected equally.
The most liberal countries in Europe have changed their policy of multiculturalism this may mean the beginning of the end of liberalism. The right-wing parties are more conservative and often they are opponents of multiculturalism also show that the policy of multiculturalism will change a bit throughout Western Europe. 
Western Europe will have a period in which multiculturalism is under attack, but once started, cannot be stopped, the European population is getting old, needs immigration to keep its economy going. There will be no other alternative, Western and Eastern peoples will have to live together in Western Europe will have to learn to live in a new society, learn to respect the differences of each one in order to have a peaceful coexistence. The State where are inserted, need to create measures fair, to live in peace in a multicultural world."*

*retirado do meu trabalho sobre "‘Multiculturalism is Dead’ in Western Europe?" realizado no ambito da cadeira Religion in Society

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